ESA satellite data on currents makes ships faster, more fuel efficient

  Apr 26--ESA is providing key information on ocean currents with the use of satellite technology that is designed to make shipping more efficient and emit less carbon dioxide.

  Combining satellite measurements such as sea surface height and temperature, surface winds and gravity, along with measurements taken in situ, the solution creates a view of the ocean-surface circulation, Phys.Org reported.

  ESA's Globcurrent project has merged measurements to build a picture of daily global ocean surface currents over the last 24 years. Building on Globcurrent, the ocean scientists have joined forces with CGM-CMA to optimise routing using Globcurrent data.

  Patrice Bara from CGM CMA was quoted as saying: "Reducing container vessel fuel consumption is an important challenge, especially when trying to cut down on emissions that contribute to global warming.

  "Based on our experience with the Europe-Asia route, using existing ocean forecast products gives us a 0.4 per cent cost saving. However, Globcurrent could help us achieve savings of up to 1.2 per cent on fuel consumption.

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