Dry bulk vessels to receive toll rebates from Suez Canal Authority

  Apr 14--DRY bulk vessels transiting the Suez Canal will until the end of the year be entitled to rebates on canal transit tolls.

  Dry bulk vessels coming from ports east and south of Australia heading towards ports in northwest Europe via the Suez Canal will be granted a toll rebate of 75 per cent, according to Circular No 2/2017 published up the Suez Canal Authority.

  Furthermore, Circular No 3/2017 states that dry bulk vessels coming from the ports in South Africa and heading towards a Mediterranean Sea port, including Black Sea ports, via the Suez Canal, and bounded by Cetua Port to the west of the Mediterranean Sea, will be entitled to a 40 per cent rebate on normal Canal tolls, reported Hot Port News, GAC Egypt.

  It is required that toll rebate applications be submitted prior to the ship's sailing from its port of origin. Vessels may not stop at any intermediate port for cargo operations. To qualify for the toll rebate, original certificates from the loading origin, destination, bunkering and claim letter are to be submitted to the Suez Canal Authority within one year of the vessel's transit date.

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