Ningbo Zhoushan port's digital platform boosts sea-rail volumes 72pc

  Sept 11--NINGBO Zhoushan Port saw its sea-railway intermodal volumes increase by 72 per cent over the first eight months of the year.

  The strong performance was in part due to the implementation of a digital platform that reveals real-time container information.

  Combined rail-sea freight volumes reached 25.4 million TEU over this period, while port authorities at the world's fourth busiest container port pursued platform integration, using advanced operational and management models to improve service efficiency.

  To do this it integrated an operations centre at port's railway station, or Beilun handling station, and brought sea and railway transport operations into the "paperless" era, reported London's Port Technology International.

  Cooperation among sea-rail transport businesses has been expanding to let the port take full advantage of land and sea port linkage for large customers, offer customised door to door logistics services, and speed up allocation of empty containers.

  Ningbo Zhoushan port said in May that it had extended a sea-railway intermodal transport line to the entire Jiangxi province. The port then implemented a digital service platform to reach new sea-railway intermodal markets from Jiangxi to Ningbo Zhoushan port.

  It had used a sea-railway data-sharing platform integrated with NPRC-Jiangxi branch to allow for systematic interaction between ports, shipping companies and forwarders.

  Using this platform helped to regulate port operations, integrate customs clearance, lower logistics costs for customers and create favourable conditions for port sea-railway intermodal logistic channels, the port said.


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