CCFI Commentary Issue 02, 2017

  Cargo Volume Kept on the High Level

  China export box transport market saw demand keep on the relatively higher level before the Spring Festival. However, impacted by the uneven performance of the market, freight rate in the North America route rose forcefully, and that in other routes shook. On January 13, shanghai export containerized freight index issued by shanghai shipping exchange quoted 990.24points, increasing by 2.3from one week ago.

  More than one economic indices showed that the European economy was recovering, which spurred the transport demand. The average slot utilization rate in the Europe route leaving off shanghai port remained around 95%, with some even full-loaded.

  From the view of market, the short supply of space has been retrieved as the launch of excess vessels, as a result, some box liners continued to hike freight rate, some even reduced slightly to attract customers. Finally, spot rate fell somehow. On January 13, freight rates in the services from Shanghai to Europe and Mediterranean (covering seaborne surcharges) quoted USD1086/TEU and USD1028/TEU, falling by 2.7% and 1.3% again one week before.

  The growing income encouraged the local consumption will and ability, which boosted the transport demand in the North America route, especially for the approach of Spring Festival, when spaces are tightened under the impact of many factors. Despite box liners added vessels supply, the short supply of space still existed, with more than one full loaded. Owing to the hot market, box liners began to lift freight rate largely since this week, leading spot rate jumping. On January 13, freight rates in the routes from shanghai to USWC and USEC (covering seaborne surcharges) quoted USD2211 per FEU and USD3594 per FEU, increasing by 6.2% and 14.7% against one week ago.

  Transport demand began to tumble in the Australia New Zealand route, where the average slot utilization rate slipped to below 90%. Since the vulnerable market, most box liners reduced freight rate with the extent of USD50-100 per TEU, and spot rate fell. On January 13, freight rate in the Shanghai- Australia New Zealand route (covering seaborne surcharges) quoted USD831/TEU, down by 6.8from one week ago.

  Transport demand sustained on the relatively high level in the South American route. However, owing to the vulnerable market, the supply/ demand condition had no remarkable improvement and the average utilization rate in the route stood at around 90%. Since the excess of ship space, the present freight rate had space to adjust after rising in early this month. Spot rate continued to slip. On January 13,

  Cargo volume had a big growth in the Japan rote, where spot rate kept stable. On January 13, freight index in the China-Japan route quoted 655.67points, up by 0.3 from one week ago.

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