CCFI Commentary Issue 40, 2016

  Demand and Rate Increase

  China export box transport market saw demand keep growing and freight rates in many routes rise, which boosted the comprehensive index. On Oct.28, Shanghai (Export) Containerized Freight Index (SCFI) issued by Shanghai Shipping Exchange quoted 884.95 points, growing by 11.3% against one week ago.

  In the Europe route, firm increase trend of European economy spurred transport demand. Since capacity size kept stable relatively, demand/supply condition had a nice performance, leading the average slot utilization rate above 95%, with some even full-loaded. With the confidence towards the post market, most box liners pushed up freight rate. On Oct.28, freight rate in the Shanghai-Europe route (covering seaborne surcharges) quoted USD958/TEU, having a large increase of 25.9% from one week ago. In the Mediterranean route, the average slot utilization rate kept between 85%-90%, and spot rate had a large growth. On Oct.28, freight rate in the Shanghai-Mediterranean route (covering seaborne surcharges) quoted USD788/TEU, a week-on-week surge of 41.2%.

  In the North America route, transport demand was hot, with vessel space in some services even short of supply. The average slot utilization rate in this route reached to 98%, some even full-loaded. Supported by the improved demand/supply condition, spot rate grew repeatedly. On Oct.28, freight rates in the services from Shanghai to USWC and USEC (covering seaborne surcharges) quoted USD2034/FEU and USD2836/FEU, rising by 6.1% and 10.6% from one week ago respectively.

  Persian Gulf route saw transport increased slowly, where part of box liners tried to limit capacity size, which made demand/supply condition stop shaking and the average slot utilization rate around 85%. Owing to the too large increase previously, freight rate tumbled marginally. On Oct.28, freight rate in the Shanghai-Persian Gulf route (covering seaborne surcharges) had a week-on-week slip of 2.7% to USD579/TEU.

  In the Australia/New Zealand route, transport demand was increasing, demand/supply condition improved, and the average slot utilization rate climbed to be above 98%, with some even full-loaded. Spot rate kept rising. On Oct.28, freight rate in the Shanghai-Australia/New Zealand route (covering seaborne surcharges) quoted USD878/TEU, up by 2.6% from one week previously.

  Transport demand began to rebound in the South America route, where capacity size kept stable, demand/supply condition improved, and the average slot utilization rate rose to above 90%. On Oct.28, freight rate in the Shanghai-South America route (covering seaborne surcharges) quoted USD2719/TEU, surging by 22.5% against one week ago.

  Cargo volume decreased slightly in the Japan route, where spot rate kept stable. On Oct.28, freight index in the China-Japan route quoted 661.05 points, a week-on-week slip of 1.0%.

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